Sunday, February 28, 2010

There You Go, Mittens!

This was a collaborative effort between my brother, Randy, and myself. He did the first frame, which is funny all by itself, and I introduced the animal control worker.

Click to enlarge if you need to!================>

Facial Hair

I think my subconscious had me draw this, because it secretly drives me crazy when all different forms of facial hair are referred to as "beards".

We make the effort to shave them into cool shapes, please don't put us all in one category.

Orcs are People Too.

I want to make this into a t-shirt one day.

Can I Join Your Club?

Some experimentation on cartoon characters... and bikes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oath of Emnity

Can you tell that I'm excited for tonight's D&D game? This is my Gnoll Avenger, Ragg, swearing an oath of emnity.

I wasn't at the game last week, so I hope he's okay! He should be able to handle himself!

I might color this one at post it to my d20machine blog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me, Myself, and Apple

I draw a lot of pictures of myself, but this one I especially like because of the look on my face while holding a sword.

I'm pretty sure some of my family think I'm incapable of drawing anything without a sword.

Balding Side View

The stylized head shape is only accentuated by the lack of hair.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sheep Warrior Again!

That's right, it's the Sheep Warrior again, this time with more facial concepts, and a mini design for possible use in the game "Drawn to Life".

Let's not forget the weird faces below. They have their... significance too.

Little Robot Guys

This is a primo example of doodling out of pure boredom. One robot turns into 2, turns into 3, etc. And by the end they're fighting each other, and there's a ghost and a pumpkin in there.

Warforged in the Mirror

Just another sketch of my Character from DDO, complete with Halloween Hood and back to the mirror.

Bugbear Faces

One of my favorite monsters in the fantasy genre is the Bugbear. Fuzzy, huge, and they make weird sounds.

Here I was exploring the depths of Bugbear emotion.

Jack the Ripper

Drew this in my Victorian English Literature class for my presentation on Victorian Crime.

I just found it amusing that in 1888, crime spiked in almost every way except for prostitution... mostly because no one wanted Jack the Ripper to kill them.

Purple Barbarian

When I wasn't on a big Warforged spree, I had a barbarian kick for a while. I decided that I'd give this barbarian some non-stereotypical short haircut.

Fuzzy Head

Just an experiment in facial expression and hair style.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Racist Warrior

Sometimes when I play games where you fight monsters, I have to chuckle at poor plot development, especially when you are required to fight monsters for no other reason outside the fact that they look weird.

What are we teaching our kids, people?

Demon Nun!

This started out as a diagram of the family relations in the book Wuthering Heights, but then someone must have said "Demon Nun" and that was pretty much the end of that page of notes.

How did this happen?

One of the other students in my Public Speaking class yelled some jargon at us about hip hop dance and then tried to convince us that romantic relationships were impossible without the ability to dance.

I then started to question my own existence...

It's a rather frumpy portrayal of myself, but I guess that's the point.

Warforged Sideview

Here's another borderline-obsessed drawing of a warforged. Enjoy.

Speech Summaries

Here's some more "visual summaries" I made in my Public Speaking class, from top to bottom, left to right:
1.Someone informed us about immunity cells slaying dragon/viruses in the world's most confusing way.
2. Someone informed us about overpopulation.
3. Someone informed us about surviving bear attacks.
4. Bitter and weird kid made up some crap about a war that was totally unbelievable.
5.We were taught about physical therapy with some hilarious pictures of football injuries,(it was supposed to be sad, but I was fighting back laughter tears the whole time.)

I'm Bitter!

There was this kid in my Public Speaking class who gave more than one speech about how it doesn't pay to be a nice guy because girls are attracted to bad boys and self destructive relationships. I summed up the speeches in two words.

That Poor Cherry Tree!

I might have mixed up some presidential stories here...

Drawn in my Public Speaking class.

Cheer Up Robin...

...or at least improve your terrible posture.

Fantasy Lineup

Some super tiny versions of some standard DDO characters from left to right: Bugbear, Orc, Sahaugin, Cultist, Warforged.

Unruly Arrows

The backs of notebooks aren't safe either.

Purple Ink?

I can't remember quite what motivated this picture, though I vaguely remember making the guy on the right a dwarf because I ran out of room for a full sized body... and he's left handed!

The First Appearance of Sheep Warrior!

Even the back covers of notebooks are not safe from my pen!

This is one of the first appearances of sheep warrior/weresheep. He'll be around in later posts too. :)

Delusions of Grandeur

Click to enlarge, or you really can't appreciate this one.

This is when I very first started playing the Warforged Race on Dungeons & Dragons and I drew all these little sprite of my character doing different things. 1.Looking cool. 2.Amputating a Sahaugin. 3.Dicing a Giant Spider 4.Chopping a Cultist 5.Kicking a Dwarf (:P) 6.Leveling Up? 7.Throwing a Greataxe into an unfortunate Skeleton.

Dog Warrior

I drew this when I was playing a lot of BANG!Howdy on I loved using the Dog Warrior because he looked cool, despite his uselessness in most combat situations.

Drawn in my Family and Consumer Sciences Class.


I can't remember exactly what it was that motivated this drawing, though it must have been Spring of 2008 since I'm not sporting a beard.

One of my few sad doodles. :(

Master of the Universe!

I remember that fateful day when I discovered the whole first season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on Youtube in HD!

I was humming that theme-song for days, along with this portayal of the Man himself in my Family and Consumer Science class a year ago.

Big Hammer

Here's another doodle of a character from Dungeons & Dragons Online. He has a Big Hammer and his name was BigHammer. I drew him before church started.

Pioneer Family

This one is more of an embellishment than an original doodle, but I thought this handcart pioneer family needed a wild two year old and an old man.

Meatloaf Baby!

Explanation: Bruce, my brother, ate a huge portion of meatloaf, and because he's so skinny, his stomach looked distended and funny. He started patting it and referring to it as his Meatloaf Baby. Then my wife and sisters added the adjective hairy.


Hero Quest?

This is a general summary of the game of Hero Quest I played with some of my siblings.

Monica was the Barbarian and wouldn't let any of the other players move past her square, leaving weaker characters like Carmen the Wizard to run from all of the skeletons constantly.

Randy the Elf was always opening new doors even when the previous monsters were still in hot pursuit.

Vance the Dwarf didn't care what was going on, as long as he could "search for Trevor"(treasure)in every circumstance.

It was hilarious.

Sneaky Sneaky...

This one is a doodle of one of my less successful Munchkin Characters.

He was supposed to be a thief, but we questioned his sneakiness with the coat of arms carrying the huge rock, flaming armor, gentlemen's club, boom-dagger, magnificent hat with a knight light on it, and spiky knees among other things.

Munchkin Doodles

If you've ever played the great game of Munchkin, then you'll know that the best race to be is a DWARF! This is my dwarf drawing, done in the style of John Kovalic, illustrator of the best card-game ever.


One of the best monsters ever, drawn in an attempt to justify its coolness to little brothers.

Mission accomplished?

Chicken Mount

Little siblings can be an endless supply of hilarious ideas.

All I have to do is lean over in church and ask, "What should I draw?" and the world is given the gift of my brother Vance riding a giant chicken.

Burrito Fail

We were sitting in church, and I really wanted a burrito.

Burritos just didn't sound that good to Meredith.

Cow "Roommate"

Okay, let me explain...

My parents have cow, and in order for it to keep producing milk, it needs to keep having calves.

So there's this guy that my parents know who sent over one of his bulls to "service" our cow. That means that my siblings and Earl the calf get to learn the birds and the bees the hard way.

The Dove of Peace Sings in my Heart!

There's a hymn at church called "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today" and my wife, Meredith, is not a huge fan, mostly because she thinks one of the lines is corny. "The dove of peace sings in my heart" was just begging for a weird drawing!

Pumpkin Faces

I drew these cute pumpkins with the observance of my wife, Meredith, in Sunday School. I think this is one of her favorite doodles.

Warforged Looking Up

This is a stylized doodle of my favorite character in Dungeons & Dragons Online looking like he's contemplating the universe.

When Plants Attack!

Just another doodle that happened in church in Autumn. I really didn't know where I was going with this until the leaf got to be at the same level as this poor guy's head.


Megaman. Probably my favorite rendering of him, simple and awesome.

Want Some Groundhog?

This was a speculation drawing of what my brother, Bruce, and I would have been like as pioneers of the American West.

(I'm the one eating the groundhog.)

Peas and Wholiness

I teach one of the children's classes at church, and this was my rendering of a way for the kids to remember the phrase "Peace and Holiness" in a song.

Someone came to sit by me for being disruptive. :P

Troll Salsa

This is what happens when you were reading your Monster Manual before a class and you get a craving for some food you have at home.

You can see the beginnings of some Geology notes in there, evidence that I'm actually paying attention while my mind wanders.

Ghouls, Gnolls, and Gnotebooks?

Just a drawing of my Dungeons & Dragons character fending off some undead.