Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Marsh Lake Minotaur

While camping this week, we were woken up by a cow that was mooing like crazy. The legend of the Marsh Lake Minotaur was born. Relatives were all making jokes about the minotaur, and I invented some nonsense about the minotaur marking trees with his horns and stacking rocks to mark his territory.

He also made an appearance on some scratch paper during a 4 hour game of PHASE 10...

My poor cousin Bryant became the subject of many "skips" in the game, and I decided the minotaur should have a chance to skip Bryant too. :)

Bryant was threatened by the minotaur for taking too long on his turn. And Bryant also became a weasel for a reason I can't remember.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Adventure of Billy and Nibbles!

Yeah... you'll just have to read it. No explanation needed. Click to enlarge.

Peer Pressure.

Same Spikey Warrior as previously pictured, being dared to poke a Frost Giant.

Spikey Guy and Troll

Today, my little brother drew a picture of an awesome warrior with spikes on every inch of his armor... and a chain mace. So I drew this picture of a troll fleeing from the warrior, and then using him as a chain mace. :)

Happy 24th of July!

I hope you enjoyed your pioneer/wild-west heritage yesterday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Viking Concept

Just a couple of doodles of a viking. :)

Ultimate Warrior Baby!

Sitting in front of us at church was an adorable baby that kept making "RRRAAAAHHHH!" noises! It reminded me of the Ultimate Warrior of WWF fame.

So funny.