Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spear Trap and Halfling Rogue

Boy, did I ever make the wrong character...

This is about the summation of how the D&D game is going at the comic book store Wednesday nights. 3 weeks in a row, and we have fought one battle... against 3 monsters... The rest of the time we spend slowly moving through the trap laden dungeon, utterly terrified of instant death.

Last session I decided that perhaps dying would be the most exciting thing that had happened in some time, so I took my Gnoll Avenger and crawled across a shaking room to open a door. Of course the door was really a wall that shot spears out of it. Unfortunately, the others dragged me back and healed me.

The whole time I'm in this campaign I think, "If I were just a halfling rogue, I would show everyone who's boss." because we don't even have a rogue in the party, just a warlord and a sorcerer trained in thievery.

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